Pond building tips

We have already accompanied many projects, which you can see in the following selection of videos.

 here you will find an overview of tips & tricks for pond construction: 

  • PDFs
  • videos
  • pictures
  • building instructions
Many more project examples & pictures can be found at our customer’s projects. 

 videos using the example of a GRP pond coating and roof coating to build yourself: 


 downloadable PDF instructions to help you work with the materials: 

1. working instructions "step-by-step" [PDF]
2. renovation of existing basins...  
    ... with PUR top coat [PDF]
3. practical tips for processing epoxy resins [PDF]



✔  videos about building your own pond

Discover our videos on various topics such as "building your own pond", "processing epoxy resin" or "coating your roof". We show you step by step how to build your own pond or pool or how to seal your roof. The pond construction videos and instructions primarily offer assistance for private users, so that a GRP coating can serve as a user-friendly "do-it-yourself" solution. In addition to user-friendliness, other advantages of a GRP coating are the strength and stability of the composite material, which are particularly important in pond and pool construction. This makes your pool or pond particularly durable, so that you can enjoy your project for a long time!

✔  instructions for creating a pond & processing GfK

In our pond building instructions, we consider various aspects of building a pond and pool yourself. On the one hand, we deal with the material GRP (glass reinforced plastic), a composite material made of a plastic matrix (epoxy resin) and glass fabric. On the other hand, the GRP processing is shown and described in detail, as this is the core of pond coating and pool coating. Other topics covered in the pond construction guide are, for example, more detailed explanations about epoxy resins in pool construction and pond coating, which are applied for the primer, the laminate and optionally for the top layer.

✔  pond construction tips & tricks

In our videos about building your own pond as well as in our instructions on creating a pond and processing GRP, you will find various tips and tricks for building your own pond. These are helpful, for example, for building koi ponds, garden ponds and generally for processing GRP. However, they do not only refer to pond building projects, but also support you if you want to build a GRP whirlpool or a swimming pool yourself, for example. With our complete GRP sets, you receive all the materials you need for a pool, pond or roof coating with GRP. We offer different sizes and colours so that you can easily realise your ideas for your own pond or pool!