complete set | renovate pond or pool

Turn old into new! Let your pond or pool shine in new splendour...

Here you will find various complete sets that are custom-fit.

Advantages of a renovation:

✔ easy application by roller or brush
✔ pronounced adhesion properties
✔ brilliant colors according to RAL
✔ excellent osmosis protection
✔ high water and chemical resistance


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✔ pond or pool renovation

➤ We have also compiled suitable sets for pond and pool renovation.

These renovation sets consist of the appropriate epoxy resins for the primer and the top coat. For the coloured top coat, you can choose between two variants. On the one hand, we offer the premium set, which contains our epoxy resin HP-E30TDS. Alternatively, you can find the premium-PLUS-Set in our assortment, which is coated with our polyurethane top coat HP-PUR-PLUS. Both sets contain a selection of different tools, such as rollers, stirrups, brushes and much more. The application only requires a little manual skill and the observance of a few basics in handling the materials for pool renovation or pond renovation. Do you have an existing GRP pool, a concrete/steel pool or a similar project in need of renovation where a coloured surface refreshment is to be carried out? Then our sets for pond or pool renovation are just right for you!