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Are you still looking for inspiration and ideas for designing your own GRP pond or pool?

➤ In the following overview, we present a selection of different customer projects with pictures and examples.

In the area of pond construction, these are various garden pond examples such as e.g:

  • GRP koi ponds
  • pools
  • bathing ponds
  • swimming ponds
  • roof coatings
Alternatively, we show you sporty and modern variants of our GRP coatings in the pool construction section. These include, for example, the whirlpool/jacuzzi, the so-called indoor pool, but also the typical pool in the garden or on the terrace.

You will also find roof coating projects in which a GRP roof was sealed or recoated. GRP roof coatings also form a perfect basis for roof greening. . 

If you have any questions about the individual projects, our DeinTeich.de team is at your disposal! 


examples & PDFs: Pond construction

swimming pond example
garden pond grp
pond coating
example pond grp
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garden pond example
koi pond
epoxy pond example
koi pond example
koi pond epoxy
build koi pond


examples & PDFs: pool construction  

indoor pool example
covered pool example
pool epoxy example
plunge pool expample
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covered pool
pool example epoxy
build epoxy pool
pool example


examples & PDFs: roof coating  

roof coating example

examples & PDFs: renovation  

renovation pool example
renovation tile pool
renovation pool example
examples pool renovation
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outdoor pool example


  images, examples & ideas for DIY pond with a GRP pond coating

➤ Realise your do-it-yourself project now with a pond in your own garden..

With our complete GRP pond coating sets, you are perfectly equipped for your pond project. In addition to the HP-E80FS epoxy resin for the primer, you will receive high-quality HP-B320/635E glass fabric and our HP-E30TLS laminating resin system so that you can build or laminate your own individual pond with a GRP coating. Our complete GRP sets for building ponds differ in the top layer, for which the epoxy resin HP-E30TDS is applied in the standard set. Alternatively, you can choose the premium set, in which our coloured polyurethane top coat HP-PUR-PLUS is applied as a high-quality top coat. Both complete GRP sets are available in many different sizes and colours, so you can build your own individual pond.

✔ pictures, examples & ideas for building a pool with a GRP pool coating

➤ As an alternative to the "pond" area, GRP coatings are also ideal for pool construction!

Now you have the opportunity to start your individual DIY project. We offer you complete GRP sets for building pools, which are available in our online shop. Whether it's the HP-E80FS epoxy resin for the primer, the HP-B320/635E glass fabric or the HP-E30TLS laminating resin system, we'll deliver all the products to your home as a set for building your own pool. In addition, you can decide for yourself whether you prefer a top coat with our epoxy resin HP-E30TDS (standard set) or our coloured polyurethane top coat HP-PUR-PLUS (premium set). Both sets are available in many different sizes and colours.

✔ pictures, examples & ideas about coating a roof with a GRP roof coating

➤ Whether in the countryside or in the city - a colourful, flowering extensive green roof is an eye-catcher everywhere!

A GRP coating for waterproofing roofs is an excellent substrate for such a roof greening. Our complete GRP roof coating sets make the application both easy and possible for you. In addition to the primer with our epoxy resin HP-E80FS, the GRP complete roof coating sets contain the glass fabric HP-B450/635E and the epoxy resin HP-E30TLS. For the coloured top coat, you have the choice between an epoxy resin top coat with HP-E30TDS (standard set) or a top coat with the polyurethane top coat HP-PUR-PLUS (premium set). You can choose between many different colours and sizes for your individual project. The advantage of a GRP roof coating is that the roots do not penetrate and therefore your roof does not leak! GRP coatings offer enormous strength and are particularly durable. That's why our complete GRP sets are the perfect solution for waterproofing your roof!

✔ images, examples & ideas for a GRP pond renovation or pool renovation

➤ We have also put together suitable sets for you for pond and pool renovation.

These renovation sets consist of the appropriate epoxy resins for the primer and top coat. For the coloured top coat, you can choose between two variants. On the one hand, we offer the standard set, which contains our epoxy resin HP-E30TDS. Alternatively, you will find the Premium Set in our range, which is equipped with our HP-PUR-PLUS polyurethane top coat. Both complete sets include a selection of various tools, such as rollers, plug-in brackets, brushes and much more.

The application only requires a little manual skill and the observance of a few basics in handling the materials for pool renovation or pond renovation. Do you have an existing GRP pool, a concrete/steel pool or a similar project in need of renovation where a coloured surface refreshment is to be carried out? Then our sets for pond or pool renovation are just right for you!