complete set | roof coating with GRP

Coat your roof and make it last with your individual GRP roof coating...

Here you will find various complete sets that are custom-fit.

advantages of GRP coatings over foil or bitumen roofing felt (tar paper):

long-lasting and very high strength, e.g. against root growth, impact loads, ...
✔ effective protection against moisture damage and extremely weather-resistant.
✔ crease-free design possible and limitless design freedom
✔ problem-free incorporation of connections, pipes, drains, ...
✔ can be extended and redesigned at any time
✔ made from one piece - no welded seams


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✔ coating the roof

Before planning such an elaborate project, many questions arise about roof coating: Can I seal the roof myself or should a professional company be hired?
  • How expensive will it be to install a high-quality roof foil, to weld a roof foil and what happens if it gets damaged?
  • Which fastening technique do I use when installing a green roof? How expensive will flashings be and how much money can I save with a GRP coating?
  • I want to waterproof my flat roof to avoid leaks after 5 years. Which waterproofing for my roof is the perfect solution?
  • If I want to waterproof the roof myself, how do I apply a GRP coating?
➤ Simple flat roof waterproofing or elaborate green roofing - with our GRP coating sets you get everything you need for a long-lasting GRP coating.

Our recommendation: Do it yourself!
» The substrate can be made of wood, metal, various plastics or mineral and should only have a small amount of residual moisture.
» After priming with
HP-E80FS, apply a 2-layer coating with our epoxy resin HP-E30TLS and the glass fabric HP-B320/635E.
» To achieve a particularly smooth surface, the C-Glass fabric
HP-VJ30C or HP-VJ50C can optionally be incorporated as the last layer. Finally, the (coloured) top coat is applied, for which you can choose between two variants:
  • Premium: Epoxy top coat HP-E30TDS, solvent-free available in various colours or neutral plus colour paste.
  • Premium PLUS: Polyurethane top coat HP-PUR-PLUS, brilliant colours according to RAL for highest UV protection.
Your advantages:

» A GRP coating is durable and robust against all weather conditions.
» Possible leaks after a few years as with bitumen membranes or liquid flat roof sealants, can be avoided with a GRP coating!
» In addition, there is the possibility of designing everything freely and the option of choosing colours according to RAL.