complete set | build your own pond with a GRP coating

Turn your home into an oasis of relaxation with your own pond...

Here you will find various complete GRP sets that are custom-fit.

advantages of a GRP coating compared to pond liner:

✔ more durable than any liner
✔ very high strength, e.g. against animal claws, stones, impact loads, ...
✔ wrinkle-free pool design, unlimited design possibilities
✔ simple incorporation of connections
✔ can be extended and redesigned at any time
✔ made from one piece - no welded seams


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✔ building a pond yourself

Before breaking ground, you should consider the following aspects when building a pond.
  • Can I build the pond myself or should a professional company be hired?
  • How expensive is the installation of a high-quality pond liner, the welding of a pond liner and what happens if it gets damaged?
  • What pond technology do I use to build the pond myself?
  • How expensive are connections for a pond liner and how much money can I save with a GRP coating?
  • Am I free to choose the shape and colour of my project?
  • If I want to build the pond myself, how do I apply a GRP coating?
 ➤ Garden ponds, Koi ponds or swimming ponds - with our GRP coating sets you get everything you need for a GRP coating.

Our recommendation: Build your own GRP pond!

» The substrate should be mineral if possible (plastered screed mats, masonry, concrete, etc.) and have a low residual moisture.Lost wooden formwork is also possible. However, it should never be coated directly on the ground!
» Priming with
HP-E80FS is followed by a 3-layer coating with our epoxy resin HP-E30TLS and the glass fabric HP-B320/635E.
» For particularly smooth surfaces, the C-Glass fabric
HP-VJ30C or HP-VJ50C can optionally be incorporated as the last layer.
» Finally, the coloured top coat is applied, for which you can choose between two variants: Premium:
  • Epoxy top coat HP-E30TDS, solvent-free available in various colours or neutral plus colour paste.
  • Premium PLUS: Polyurethane top coat HP-PUR-PLUS, brilliant colours according to RAL for highest UV protection.

your advantages:

» A GRP coating is more durable and robust than any pond liner.
» The problems of a pond liner with regard to animal claws, stones or impact loads are solved with a GRP coating!
» In addition, there is the possibility of designing everything freely and the option of choosing colours according to RAL.