Glass fibre fabric finish twill | HP-T163EF
Glass fibre fabric finish twill | HP-T163EF

Glass fibre fabric finish twill | HP-T163EF

ca. 1-2 days ca. 1-2 days 
Sliding scale prices
1-2,5 units
per 6,82 EUR
3-4,5 units
per 6,51 EUR
5-9,5 units
per 6,06 EUR
10-24,5 units
per 5,65 EUR
25-49,5 units
per 4,95 EUR
50-99,5 units
per 4,39 EUR
> 99,5 units
per 3,78 EUR
6,82 EUR

incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs

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