Whether you want to coat a pond, pool or roof.

We help you to put your individual project into practice!


Whether you want to coat a pond, pool or roof.

We help you to put your individual project into practice!


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You want to escape stress of everyday life by reading a book in the comfort of your own garden pond?

You long to cool off in your private pool on hot summer days?

You dream of starting the day with a view of the blossoming colours of your extensive green roof?

DeinTeich.de makes it possible!

Water basins, ponds, pools or roof waterproofing - glass-fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) offer a high-quality alternative to conventional materials. In addition to enormous strength, this GRP system solution is not only wrinkle-free, but also resistant to animal claws, stones or other impact loads. Skimmers, drains and underwater lighting can be incorporated without any problems and the colour of the protective coating can also be freely selected. The epoxy resins used are free of solvents (almost odourless) and therefore not only suitable for outdoor installations but also excellent for indoor use.

User-friendly handling is ensured above all by the pre-portioned system containers and offers the highest quality, whether you are a professional pond builder or a private user without much previous knowledge. In this online shop you will not only find the necessary materials for coating ponds, pools or roofs, but also a lot of information about GRP coatings.

If you have any questions about the project or the materials, please contact us by e-mail or phone. The DeinTeich.de team is available to advise you at any time before and during the application process and is also happy to advise you personally after making an appointment.

Create your personal time-out at home with your own pond, pool or roof! With our complete GRP sets, you can design your individual project!